By entering your Facebook password, the RP Facebook app will verify the password with Facebook, but not retain it. Once you log in via the Facebook login button on bottom tool bar, you will be able to make comments without having to input your email, website and name each time.

This Facebook API is housed and programmed by Facebook, not RP. It is governed by your settings on Facebook. There are no controls to it on RP for you as a user or RP as administrator.

The API only pulls from Facebook your login cookie and your profile picture. It will check to see if you are logged into Facebook. When you like or share a post to Facebook, Facebook will supply your profile picture beside the “like” button at the top of the screen according to the privacy settings you have chosen on Facebook.

RP at no time stores, collects, monitors or has independent access to your information on Facebook. See our Privacy Policy for more on Facebook, passwords and cookies.

WordPress users must input their WordPress user name to complete registration and sync with Gravatar. Facebook does not provide profile picture sync for comments. The password you choose does not have to be the same as your password for Facebook or WordPress, and RP will never have access to it.