Mission Statement

Mission StatementMission Statement

Redmund Productions is a discerning publisher with an eye for a great story, offering professionally designed books for readers’ enjoyment.

RedmundPro seeks to bridge the gulf between Indie authors and the traditional publishing industry by treating authors and their manuscripts with professional editorial and layout treatments without erasing the authors’ styles. RP believes authors should ultimately control the story process.¬†With a wide range of publishing options, authors control how their products are marketable.

The Redmund community offers networking opportunities, beta readers, story development assistance and a voice for concerns, complications and victories. The cooperative effort provides authors a broad spectrum of audience and input.

RedmundPro seeks to bring the best books to readers the world over. Great stories, heartfelt poetry, spot on self-help and real memoirs help readers remember why they love to read.

Join the Redmund team. Become a member. Shop the books Redmund has to offer. Join the forum and meet other authors, published and rising. Lend your expertise.