How to Buy Books

This quick reference guide will show you how to buy books at RedmundPro.

Browse through the bookstore to find the book you wish to purchase. Click the cover of a book to see all of its information. Click on the button for your format of choice.

Choose a format

If you have chosen a paperback, click on the paperback cart.

Paperback Cart


If you have chosen an ebook, click on the Checkout button (shown below) or your ebook cart.

Checkout Button

The Checkout page offers a place for discount codes, if you have one. Here, enter your personal information. This is not registering for RedmundPro. This information is only used for our system to generate your receipt. Please see our No Spam Privacy Policy.

You must agree to the Terms of Service for your ebook delivery (small red arrow below) or you will not be forwarded to the payment screen.

Input personal info

You may also input your information directly into the ebook cart.

ebbok cart checkout

When you press the Checkout button, you will be taken to the secure PayPal® page where you may sign into your PayPal® account or simply input your credit card information if you do not have a PayPal® account.

PayPal Payment Page

If you get lost along the way and need more help to buy books, a CSR can help you if you press the Contact Us button.