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RedmundPro’s Current Giveaway!

As we all connect on various social media platforms, we try to reward our followers and fans with gifts, specifically with the books they grow to love.

We are looking for our 200th like on Facebook, and that means books for fans! This giveaway is open to all Facebook users. The rules are very simple…

Like our Facebook page!

Everyone who has liked the page will have their name dropped into a hat for a free ebook. No restrictions. If you have liked the page and we draw your name out of the hat, you win the eBook of your choice!

Thank you for entering and liking our Facebook page!

Giveaway Page

Look for new giveaways to be offered soon. The RedmundPro Facebook page, the Redmund Productions G+ page and @RedmundPro on Twitter are the quickest way to hear about new freebies here and in the Free Book Bin.

Past Winners

First Prize:

Five (5) RedmundPro Books

Rachael Black

Second Prizes:

Flash in the Pan Collection

Novia Rozet

Frank Shed

Third Prizes:

One (1) RedmundPro Book

Laurie Beall

Phil Perrier

Mimi Russell

First Prize: Choose any five RedmundPro titles in any format (paperback, Kindle, ebook or PDF). One person will win the first prize. (Retail price up to $63.50.)

Second Prize: All five of the Flash in the Pan flash fiction anthologies: Flash in the Pan, FTP: Frosty, Fiery, Fresh and Feisty Flash Fiction, FTP: Wave of Emotion, FTP: Flashes from the Bistro and FTP: Finding the Path. Two entrants will win second prize. (eBook only. Retail price $12.00.)

Third Prize: Choose any RedmundPro eBook title (Kindle, eBook or PDF). Three winners will take home third prize. (Retail price up to $3.50.)

Go take a look at your choices for prizes!

Thank you for entering!
Look for more giveaways!


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