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From the desk of Valentine Logar:

As an acolyte of Red, I have abundant opportunities to ask her questions I am not the only one who wants the answers. I wanted to know her answer for one of the questions she asks everyone else.

Red DwyerBeyond the obvious, the need to move pen across paper or see words on the screen scratching them loose from the tumble of red hair on your head, tell us all why do you write? What drives your imagination? What force of nature pushes you beyond what most of us ever experience picks you up and somersaults you into the place where you pour words, cognizant and cogent words by the tens of thousands out to your adoring public? You do this while raising children, running a household, setting up a business, mentoring others, listening with heart and a host of other things that at times must suck the life and spirit out of you.

So tell me Red….

Why do you write? How do you do it?

“Many a writer claims to hear The Muse. Non-writers scoff and call it hearing voices. I have an incessant muse, who is one of the only of her kind. She has a name, will often answer when called and goes walkabout when I refuse to pay her sufficient attention. Ironically, despite submitting to writing to silence her singing frequently, she is not why I write.

Among the many hats I don in any given day, there is one which demands the pencil hit the paper. Yes, I am old fashioned and still write by hand, and I will for as long as I am able. Those who enjoy my fiction and poetry have named me a dream weaver. The worlds I create are immersive and near tactile. I do not create them on a whim. Instead, I weave them from a delicate blend of reality and fantasy.

I presented my parents with my first book when I was three. It was complete down to the Little Golden Book name plate on the inside of the front cover with my name emblazoned on it. From that day to this, forty years later, I have not stopped writing.

I have yet to meet the genre I truly do not like; I am as wide-ranging an author as I am a reader. However, there is a fuel source which burns brighter than all the rest.

Girl and her DogIn the still of the morning, when all sensible people and animals are asleep, my keyboard is not silent. In those moments, even Mantra rests. She leaves me to my own devices. I build worlds filled with people you have met, places where you remember passing on your way to somewhere important and events which will shock you.

My FAB life spills over into my fiction, for the truth is always stranger than fiction. My goal is to give the truth a run for its money. My deeply seated love of psychology and the study of human behavior leads me to weave lamé strands of life lessons within the pages which turn themselves. As you walk down my sidewalks, I want you to catch a glimpse of your reflection in a storefront window, to feel the breeze on your face, to smell the food served at the table beside you.

Why do I write?

I have packed an inordinate amount of life into the years I have spent on this planet. I have had the varied pleasure of meeting thousands of people. I learned something from each of them.

True to my meanest Momma on Earth title, I have never bought a toy which did not have educational value. My writing is my toy and my gift to my readers. The pages hold the freedom to visit somewhere they may never travel but are curious to see. They can see themselves helping the good guy get the bad guy, even when they are far from certain they want to use their powers for good instead of evil. Why? Even bad guys have characteristics you can recognize. Characters do not exist merely to tell a story. They exist to become part of the reader’s world.

Red Dwyer WritesFor the hopes and dreams my parents had for me, I have grown up to change the world. I do it with words which help, heal, educate, mediate and entertain. Occasionally, I do it all in the same book.

I write because I am a teacher. Libraries around the world are my classroom. Write your name on the nameplate inside the front cover. Now, you have a piece of me in your world, wherever you may be.”

Read more about Red Dwyer and her books ranging from self-help to flash fiction to erotica. If you would like to contact Red, click on the Contact Us button at the top of your screen or leave a question for her in the RedmundPro Forum. She will be answering questions from readers 29JAN13, from 3 pm EDT (GMT-5) until 4 pm.

Happy Reading!

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