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MJ LoganFrom the desk of Red Dwyer:

Flash Fictioneer MJ Logan is an accomplished author and freelancer. When I goaded him just a bit, he was willing to tell me why he writes. Welcome MJ, and take a look out his window.

“By the time I reached second grade, I had a love for reading that overshadowed almost everything. My school offered a speed reading course that spring and I was allowed to join. I was the only second grader in it, the rest were all junior high students.

In third grade, I obtained special permission to checkout books in the high school section in the library. No more kiddie books for me.

electricityOur teacher showed us how to make little books with loose-leaf paper. I took what I learned in a book about electricity and wrote a little book about how to change voltage from 6 volts into 50,000. My teacher was not just impressed, but a little worried too.

I set aside writing for a time after that, but I always had a love for reading and words. My biggest problem was that I have horrible penmanship and often, even I cannot read what I have written. To write and do so in a manner that someone else can read is a painstaking and time consuming task for me. I will never write my prose in a notebook.

the-thinker-auguste-rodinIn college I studied electrical engineering and computer science. Later, the company I worked for asked me to write a technical paper for submission to a trade magazine. I spent weeks making it perfect. To my own great surprise, the paper was published almost verbatim with very few edits.

I started to write other things for local newspapers and found my letters, articles, and opinion pieces were published with regular frequency. In writing, I found a new love for words I had not yet fully realized.

By the time May of 2002 came around, I was a network administrator for the federal government. When my contract ended that month, I began a brief foray into real estate investment, which led me to start a remodeling company. Then, the economy began to take a dive in 2007 and instead of remodeling, I found myself writing about remodeling and making money at it.

Then, I began to write about other things. I loved writing more than anything else I had ever done!

My first piece of fiction wrenched itself from me in an obsessed fury over a mere two months in 2005. It was huge, horrible and too difficult to read. I learned some things from the experience and spent a couple of years writing fiction on a site where you could submit stories for peers and readers to critique. I learned a lot about what not to do, and more about what to do.

Winter landscape

I write. Often I gaze out the window without seeing much, my fingers move and words form on the screen as they type out scenes that play on a stage in my head. Characters speak through me. I know them, and their lives and history are often hidden―dark secrets kept in a closet that exists only in my mind. I know things about them. I recognize their voices and their faces.

Writing fiction is so different from writing fact. I make a living at writing factual pieces. Blog posts for companies, articles, how-to, why, what, where and when. Product descriptions, brochures, ad copy; Boring stuff really. I’ve written for gardening sites, newspapers, magazines and so much more. My customers have been as varied as my life, and my products have included words on everything from hunting and fishing to real-estate markets I’ve never visited.

Sometimes you find things that fascinate you. I wrote an entire series of articles on the evolution of seed-producing plants―angiosperms and gymnosperms. Then I wrote more about the evolution of plants.

solitudeThe road that is writing is a continuous state of learning, and I think that is where the love comes into play. I love to learn. What better way to learn than to write, because to write you have to read, and from the very beginning, I have loved reading with a passion.

Reading lets you absorb things. Writing allows you to express what you have absorbed and that is when things click.

Fiction is a even more like that. You invent things, make them up, put them on paper and they spring to life within you, and then hopefully within others.

My greatest passion in life has always been reading, and that is why I have become writer.”

Take a few moments to learn more about MJ Logan and the flash fiction anthology, Flash in the Pan. If you would like to contact MJ, click the Contact Us button at the top of your screen.

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