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Liz Campbell

From the desk of Red Dwyer:

It is not often editors get to work with those multi-talented enough to not only write books but also create beautiful cover art for their books and those of others. Liz Campbell is one such multi-talented artist.

When I asked her Why do you write? I was prepared for an answer with art in the mix. Do you think I was right? See what Liz has to say.

“I write because I can.

How basic but that really is the bottom line. I was good at English and enjoyed it. I paid attention to things like the word of the day and where to put punctuation. I learned the proper way to write a letter and make a résumé and many other things which require the written word. I can write; therefore, I do.

Wreck This JournalFor a while, I wanted to be a journalist but really didn’t want to go through all the technical stuff you have to learn to do it. I was always more drawn to art than writing because it was less restricting in the creative process, or so I thought until I decided one day I really wanted to write.

One of the things I was intrigued with at that time was words were seemingly more fluid then I had ever thought. I was in a pretty dry period creatively; except, when in a moments of distress, I was able to put into writing what was going on without thinking ahead. Unfortunately, it was in text messages, and not too many people were tolerant of such long rants on a media that is meant to be short and to the point. One person, very dear to me, not only put up with it but also read everything I sent and answered most of it. She is the one who said I should find a way to write that would save it, for one, and had more room, for another. Words had taken the place of art for me, became my art, and I needed to explore that media.

Art of WritingI have no great stories of journals filled with writing which would move anyone, as I was never able to just write what I thought, the idea someone would eventually find and read my journals always a constant editor. I wrote everything in my head before I ever got to the paper and often the best of it was gone as I could not recall exactly the way I said it in my head before, or just because the way I said it in my head was too embarrassing for me to admit by putting it to paper. It was a mental effort in the first place, and sometimes I just didn’t have the energy to find the original words.

Once I got to a point in my life where I was sick of being who I was supposed to be and doing what I was supposed to do, following along just because I didn’t even realize I thought differently, all the stops came off, and I now write just as if I was talking to you. It wasn’t immediate with the first post I wrote for my blog, although I said what I felt, I was very careful about correct verbiage and punctuation and grammar, and each time I posted I was gripped with fear that what I had to say would be rejected. This even though I said I started it all for me. It was. It was for validation too, just for me. I could have made a private blog; I wanted to see if I could write. When I realized I was accepted and encouraged by people who read what I wrote and did not judge me unworthy for being how I am, I jumped into writing as my place in the world. How amazing to put it all out there, and be accepted not shunned and ridiculed. When I wrote in a way that moved others, I was amazed and filled with hope,

I write because it helps me organize and understand my thoughts: If I don’t write for a long enough period, I am confused and adrift; if I write too much, I often go to levels of thought worthy of the philosophical scholars, looking for meaning and connections and life’s answers. I get confused then just as easily, but mostly about the whys and hows of life. If I write just enough, when I need to and want to, I am in balance and sometimes forget even that I have a mental illness. This is when writing is the most valuable thing to me, that and my art are the two things that free me from the bonds of disorder, and I fly far when I am there. You can make words into anything; I choose to keep them close to home, even in fiction and poetry on one level but on another, I can go and do and be anything at all.

Beauty from DarknessWriting is my solace and my sanctuary; it has become the place I weave in my deepest secrets, fears and hopes, and if you look, it is where you will find me. If you ever cared to try and understand me, look in my words. I am not hidden; I am open and honest and right there for anyone who is really wondering.

I write because I exist. I exist because I write.”

Stop by to learn a bit more about Liz Campbell and her book A Month of Mental Moments. You can catch up to her on her blogs and pick up some of her art. If you would like to contact Liz, press the Contact Us button at the top of your screen.

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