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Laurie ChildreeCreative people are so very interesting. Watching them metamorphose from a writer of assignments to an author of books. Laurie Childree is a prolific writer turned prolific author.

With her new book, Observations Obsessions Oddities, debuting on 01APR13, I asked her a question which leads to interesting answers. She did not disappoint. Listen to what Laurie answered to Why do you write?

I was home waiting for the baby to wake up; I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. The youngest had her days and nights confused, and at four months, it was nowhere near ending; she was nowhere near sleeping through the night, or more than an hour or two at a time. Exhausted but excited that I finally had Internet again I decided to play to see if I could exhaust myself.

Already having decided I was staying at home at least until she started kindergarten, it was moot issue as I was not working at the time. I hadn’t worked in almost a year at that point. I decided to do some creative writing, and soon I found the time not occupied by a screaming baby online.

hobby horseWriting became an escape from reality once again; I hadn’t written anything in years when I began my new hobby. A full year had not passed before I started earning enough to have spending money without taking it out of my husband’s check. The money was extra, all the bills were paid and the needs were met with money left over. It wouldn’t be long before I began to miss those days as income dwindled, but mine slowly increased. I found myself working with little sleep for days, weeks on end, but I managed to cover necessities.

A mere fantasy was slowly becoming reality and proving the two are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I was talked out of the journalism degree that I wanted long before, told someone else had not been able to find a job after getting one. I lost interest in classes all together at that point. It took a few years as life happened around me but eventually I went back briefly for business; turned out the classes I took together were best taken separately from each other with classes purely for entertainment mixed in to dull the mind-numbing effects.

Then, there was the teacher who had no clue what she was doing; in her mind, giving assignments with unclear guidelines was helpful. She was rather rude, overstepping her boundaries at a point; that is until I turned in my final paper, and the grade was high enough to ensure I passed the class. The look on her face when I proved my thesis was the highlight of that semester, or was it her questioning how I managed to prove it? My answer, research; it makes national news when senators admit the government knowingly put people in danger, and that news is archived, you just have to be willing to look for it.

diaper dutyLife once again butted in, and I withdrew from classes, miserable for a few more years in traditional jobs then my second child came along. I had already experienced the daycare life. It doesn’t take a lot to grow tired of being a stay at home mom when you’re the only one not spending time with the baby or you can’t get a moment’s peace. This time I put my foot down and shook the house. Earning a few new names was well worth the uninterrupted time with the baby.

Fast forward, there were those who decided I could indulge in old hobbies while I was home with my first child. I had drawn in the past, but somehow I couldn’t make a legible picture, when the youngest was born I had been out of work for a few months. I lost my job a few months after she was born; unemployment insurance kicked in, and I started searching for jobs hoping my belly wouldn’t make the work impossible. It turned out to be a non-issue because I couldn’t find a job in my traditional area or any other area. By the time the benefits ran out, I had changed my mind about going back to work after the baby was born.

The amount of time spent punching a clock is overrated, I enjoy setting my own hours. The freedom to schedule working hours around my life so that I do not miss the baby’s life is the reason that I write. It’s become a game to see how low I can get my expenses for the months that I do not work as much as other months. I write because I’m too stubborn to return to the traditional work force. I have no desire to cook, paint or draw; I simply want to stay at home with my baby and be able to meet her needs.”

Read more about Laurie Childree, her participation in the Flash in the Pan series and her first book Moments, Money and Memories. Childree’s second solo title Observations Obsessions Oddities will be available on 01APR13 in the RedmundPro book store. If you would like to contact Laurie, use the Contact Us button at the top of your screen.

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