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Mantra's Book of Shadows CoverMantra’s Book of Shadows

Red Dwyer

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-62582-052-5

Red Dwyer presents a different aspect of the fairy muse, Mantra in the aptly named Book of Shadows. True to form Mantra delivers straight forward thought provoking and sometimes twisted poetry that speaks to the darker side of human nature and passionate truths of attributes lurking in the shadows.

Compelling and edgy, this poetry collection is frightening and bone chilling at times, but the intricate complexities of relationships which spiral into disarray and uncertainty bring the reader face-to-face with their own hidden demons. Those which we all possess.

Revenge, loss, grief, and chillingly twisted portrayals of scenes with vivid images and metaphors draw you into the vortex of the shadow side of human emotion with Red Dwyer as your midnight guide.

Dare to face the abyss.


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