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Fractal Dreams ~ Kindle

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Fractal Dreams CoverFractal Dreams

Janet Russell

Genre: Art

ISBN: 978-62582-022-8

Remember when they told you math is used in real life? Fractal Dreams is a stunning example to prove it. Artist /Author Janet Russell takes us through the amazing world of fractal art from what a fractal is to brilliantly colored and rendered examples of fractals, in art that is amazingly engaging. You will want to simply stare and get lost in the depth and rich color each example presents.

Janet takes us on a journey of discovery of this much admired, yet still relatively unknown, form of art. She explains a complex process in easy to understand language with clear enthusiasm. Her joy at the fractals she creates and shares is evident as she tells us how they are made and history of the art form. She guides us though more than 80 images, each with its own story, brilliance and formulas.

She is happy to share with you programs to try rendering a fractal yourself and gets you excited to see more and try your hand at it. This book of fractals is joy and beauty presented with delight. You have to see the images to believe them. Ms. Russell’s skill at her art is perfectly showcased from start to finish.

Come explore Fractal Dreams with Janet Russell. Be amazed and inspired by the beauty, intricate designs and brilliant colors.

Also available in paperback, ebook and PDF.




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