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Flash in the Pan CoverFlash in the Pan

Genre: Flash Fiction, Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-62582-026-6

Flash in the Pan is the flash fiction anthology which addresses pertinent issues without drawing a conclusion. The outcome? Your creativity leaves your imagination to run wild. What happened to the characters that they turned into the people pleasers or deviants they are? Are they innocent victims or sociopaths? The choice is yours.

Flash in the Pan takes creativity to the limit by testing authors’ skills at 150 words and below. Creations from the talented group range from the amusing short through the “gotcha” to the deeply dark and disturbed, taking you on a journey with a single word as the trigger.

Also available in paperback, ebook and PDF. Don’t miss the second book in the series!


Deb Adams

Liz Campbell

Laurie Childree

Red Dwyer

Geoff Steward

Teresa Karlinski

Raymond Alexander Kukkee

MJ Logan

Lorre Lyons

Wendy Reid

Novia Rozet

Ian M. Shaw

Gail Thornton



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