Songs of Angels by Ian Shaw

Songs of Angels

SOAscoverSongs of Angels

Ian M. Shaw

Genre: Sci-Fi, Futuristic Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-62582-012-9

John Thorn is a free trader on a mission to seek out those responsible for the mass poisoning of the people of Kemp and the deaths of his wife, Rianna, and his step-daughter, Mara. He has torn a bloody gash through human-occupied space and attracted the attention of the Black Judges through his actions.

Thorn has met and fought against the head-collecting manhunter, Lassiter. John survived his predations as part of a team of survivors Lassiter had chosen as trophy prey. Lassiter became John’s prey, and the one hundred credit bounty on the hunter’s head was collected.

John’s targets have responded by putting an eleven-million credit bounty on him in the desperate hope of putting an end to his vendetta before he wipes them all out.

Book 2 of the John Thorn Saga


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