Month of Mental Moments

A Month of Mental Moments

Month of Mental MomentsA Month of Mental Moments

Liz Campbell

Genre: Self-Help, Philosophy

ISBN: 978-1-62582-003-7

In thirty-one days of self-reflection, author Liz Campbell offers insights and questions into the nature of our beliefs and values and how we may contribute to a more tolerant and loving society. Through her Mental Moments, we hear her natural voice speaking to us with a unique perspective on life and on this journey we all share together.

Through reading her book, we cannot help but to become more whole and enlightened.
Challenging while caring, the reader is guided along to examine some of our deepest held convictions. Ideas borne of how we grow up, the society we live in, and even our spiritual beliefs are all on the table for exploration and discovery in this truly ground-breaking and introspective book.

A Month of Mental Moments will stay in hearts and minds as a turning point in the lives it is invited to touch. Liz Campbell is changing the world, one Mental Moment at a time.



Paperback: $11.00
(plus shipping)

ebook for Kindle: $3.00

ebook for ereaders: $3.00

PDF for computer readers: $3.00

$3.00 – PDF

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