Mine by Scarlett Baker


Mine by Scarlett BakerMine

Scarlett Baker

Genre: Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-62582-082-2

He steps out of her inbox and onto her doorstep. The comfort of email and telephone becomes the lifestyle she never dreamed she would choose.

She discovers a world filled with enticing adventures. His dominant ideas seed her submissive fantasies. Satisfaction and fulfillment are everywhere.

Boundaries get pushed to the point of breaking. Walls of inhibition fall. Pleasure is behind every blindfold and bond. Excitement lingers like the scent of warm chocolate in the air.

Can she give him heart, mind and soul as easily as he takes her body? What will it take for her to become “Mine”?

WARNING: This book contains explicit content including profanity and sexual content. It is intended for mature audiences only. By purchasing, you aver you are over the age of 18.

Paperback: $11.50

ebook for Kindle: $3.00

ebook for ereaders: $3.00

PDF for computer ereaders: $3.00


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