Wave of Emotion


Flash in the Pan: Wave of Emotion

ISBN: 978-1-62582-063-1

Genre: Flash Fiction

Meet all sixteen FTP Authors.

Sixteen authors take you through 16 emotions. From 150 down to less than 50 words, they tempt your imagination, make you laugh, stretch your brain and entertain you.

In 168 flash fiction pieces, you will surf from brokenhearted to elated, with peaks of being amazed and ecstatic to valleys of being lonely and ashamed.

Catch the wave.

Do you have the original Flash in the Pan? The ebook is free!

Stay warm with the winter edition of FTP: Frosty, Fiery, Fresh and Feisty!

Book four will satisfy your appetite with 250 flashes. Flashes from the Bistro

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Paperback $10.00
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$2.75 – PDF



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