Flash in the Pan 2

Flash in the Pan 2

Flash FictionFlash in the Pan: Frosty, Fiery, Fresh and Feisty Flash Fiction

ISBN: 978-62582-044-0

Genre: Flash Fiction

Join twelve authors on a flash fiction journey through sixteen subjects. With no more than 150 words they bring you 127 stories which will make you wonder, open your eyes, shock you, tug at your heartstrings or make you laugh.

Hot flashes bring you the punchline in just 50 words. These gripping shorts stir the mind with vivid images, snappy dialog and instant locations. They are 30-second stories which will leave you talking about them for hours.

Flash in the Pan shows you the gold in nuggets sifted by your imagination. Good things really do come in small packages.

Pick up a copy of the first in the Flash in the Pan series. The ebook is free.

The third installment brings you 168 new flashes to capture your imagination. Wave of Emotion

Book four of the Flash in the Pan series is the biggest yet! Satisfy your appetite for flash fiction with 250 stories! Flashes from the Bistro

Paperback: $8.50
(plus shipping)

ebook for Kindle: $2.50

ebook for ereaders: $2.50

PDF for computer readers: $2.50

$2.50 – PDF




Deb Adams

Liz Campbell

Laurie Childree

Red Dwyer

Geoff Steward

RLB Hartmann

Teresa Karlinski

Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Lorre Lyons

Wendy Reid

Novia Rozet

Gail Thornton


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