Flash in the Pan Collection

Flash in the Pan ~ Collection

For a limited time, the Flash in the Pan Collection is discounted. The fifth installment, Finding the Path, came available on 01NOV13. For now, the collection of four paperback books which will hook you on flash fiction is only $30.

Flash in the Pan Collection

More than thirty authors take you on wild rides, hair-raising adventures, heartfelt journeys and side-splitting asides. These books include mysteries, mythological beings, romance, horror and more. Palpable emotional responses just may surprise you.

624 amazing shorts ranging from 50 to 150 words each test the boundaries of authors’ creativity. Find yourself deep in the woods, outside a prison, in a delivery room and a whole host of other locations. Are you ready to discover where your imagination will take you?

Meet all of the Flash in the Pan authors.

Save at least $6* on the collection.

* Savings calculated with $6 off cover price of individual books plus minimum of $1.50 shipping discount to addresses in the United States. International savings may be greater.

Offer only valid until 23:59 EDT 31DEC14. No restrictions apply.

To save on the ebook collection, use the discount code “GIMME10” to save 10% off these three books. As always, the first Flash in the Pan is a free ebook.


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