Darkness Introduced Cover

Darkness Introduced

Darkness Introduced CoverDarkness Introduced

Red Dwyer

Genre: Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-62582-030-3

Darkness Introduced escorts us to the mysterious, often misunderstood world of BDSM without so much as leaving the safety of home. Red Dwyer weaves an engaging and lascivious tale of sex, lust, control, love and bondage that will take you to the edge of darkness, right in the middle and back again.

Darkness Introduced is intriguing from page one because, in Darkness, action, drama and sex blend seamlessly into a story which will have you immersed and wanting more. Follow three main characters through a fast-paced tale with others in their culture and the events which test their roles as dictated by the lifestyle they choose.

Daniel, a self-contained man of refined taste, has a darkness within him. The commissioned paintings hanging in his bathroom are the only outside evidence of the evil that lurks within.

Ashlyn, dominatrix and submissive, struggles to find balance under Daniel and over Katie and relishes the pain of reprimand.

Katie, new to the harem, lives only to pleasure her Master and Mistress. She takes her punishment and rewards with a wonder at how such culture exists beneath the noses of the ones who condemn it.

Welcome into Darkness.


This book contains explicit content including profanity, sexual content and violence. It is intended for mature audiences only. By purchasing, you aver you are over the age of 18.


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