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Politically incorrect and not afraid to tell you what I think. There was a time when my dream was to grow old so I could sit on my porch and yell at the kids crossing my yard while I shake my cane at them. Now? Well, let’s just say my dreams have changed. I would prefer not growing old, though I suspect I will fail at stopping time entirely. I would prefer I think to remain vital, active and even not quite so crotchety as the old woman in my original fantasy. Now, I have a dream of growing old more gracefully, shaking my pointer at a chalkboard and stuffing young and eager minds full of useful information I have gained through a lifetime of living.

I am a seeker after my own truths. I don’t claim to know the truth about anything but my own life and my own experiences. I would never insult you by proselytizing or patronizing, I will however tell you what I think. If you are insulted, I apologize in advance, but suffice it to say I remain unrepentant in my search for the truth. And in this search I continue to challenge standards and social structures.

I write about what I know and in what I am interested. The range of my interests is broad from society, marriage, relationships, politics, history and religion to the occasional off-ramp into work, specifically the work I do. I am a consultant, a project manager working the technology industry. I work for myself and spend most of my time away from home. I know how to get through airports, find the best restaurants, get the best hotel rooms, find the best deals and battle airlines when they lose your luggage. I also know a few things about the work I do.

Bottom line? In past times, were I a man I might have been referred to as a Renaissance Man. Now, I will just have to the QBG! I will let you sort that one out for yourself.

Valentine Logar writes and blogs from the United States.


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