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Mine by Scarlett BakerReview Posted by T.E. on 05JUL15

Format: Print

Price: Reasonable

Recommend to others: Yes

5 Stars

Ms. Scarlett Baker is a new author for me, and I must say, a must read from here on out.

The book is told in first person that makes it easily to identify with and pulls you into the story. It begins with a breakup of a 20-year relationship and all of the tumultuous emotions and struggles that are a part of an unwanted change.

You go through the exploration as she finds friendship online that develops into a passionate affair. The open communication about desire and wants create a return of trust and passion that explodes onto each page. You pull for her to heal and to find happiness. You feel her doubts dissolve and self-esteem grow as she feels sexy and wanted and the possible hope for the future returning. Full of passion and very hot. Make sure you have a fan nearby. You’ll need it. Great read. Keep them coming. The sooner the better, Ms. Baker.



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