Scarlett Baker

Scarlett Baker

Scarlett BakerScarlett Baker is a mystery, even to herself at times. Her exploration of love stories with a touch of the dark began when she found herself single and dangling by a thread of hope mixed with a splash of the terrible. Faced with being alone for the first time in nearly twenty years with not a clue what to do with a vast future, she decided to explore the world of her fantasies, something she had done little of up until now.

She inhabits this secret world through short stories, poetry and private journals where her dreams frequently take on lives of their own. A mass of unresolved contradictions; business professional, career woman, third generation Texan, divorcee, body art collector with a collection of stilettoes currently exceeding one hundred pairs, she is still exploring what she wants to be when she grows up. Rather than risk body, heart, mind, spirit and reputation leaping in with both well-shod feet, she decided to first explore her sexuality here in these pages, hoping to discover something about herself and titillate others as well.

Some parts of this offering are truly Scarlett. The music on the playlists inspired. Many of the clothes described can be found in her closet, though they usually have wraps, sweaters, jackets and other accoutrements to tone down the blatant sexiness. The thigh-high stockings are certainly Scarlett, a habit formed long before she took on the role of wife and has recently re-adopted.

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