Ryan Virgillo

Ryan Virgillo

Ryan Virgillo, (aka Liquid Poet, InfoSponge0), lives in Texas with his fiancée, Didi Hagar (Seablackwithink), and their Rodesian ridgeback, Bluedog. He spent 32 years of his life in New Jersey. He started writing prose at age 18.

Ryan VirgilloHe loves listening music, playing synthesizers, and the drums. He also loves making music videos and is working towards a career in A/V and writing. He loves filming things such as lights, the moon, sunsets, sunrises and water. He taught himself everything he knows about music and film just by listening and watching. A fan of cinema, Ryan enjoys films that are strange, dark and thought-provoking.

This is his first time being published. When he first received the news he cried tears of joy. For the first time, in his life he felt he had accomplished something worthwhile in terms of career goals.

His love life is going wonderfully thanks to his first true love, Didi. They plan on getting married as soon as possible. He always felt he was a country boy meant for the city. Moving to Houston, he found that he was right about that.

His dreams are coming true one by one. He believes the reason for this is that he started listening to the advice of the universe and acting upon it as well. The largest inspirations in his life are his fiancée, music, and the need to create. He says it’s more channeling the waves of energy around us and putting them into whichever art form he chooses.

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