Rob Ross

Rob Ross

Rob RossOriginally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, Rob Ross relocated to Bismarck, North Dakota in 2008 in the interest of securing for himself an opportunity for a less problematic future. He soon realized that this was an auspicious move; he met his future wife Karisa the very next day and now they reside in their own home with their sixteen month-old daughter Delaney and their feline pals Niko and Lola.

By day, Rob works as a machinist and fabricator at a local manufacturing plant; by night he tries to make sense of it all by writing and blogging whenever – and however – possible. The words don’t come easy, and he struggles to live up to his own expectations for himself as a writer. His dream is to write his way to a self-sufficient career and move his family to the Oregon coast, where they can live out their days surfing, creating, having fun, and above all being weird.

Rob enjoys running and all kinds of physical exercise; reading, writing, knitting, bookbinding, woodworking, and listening to music and podcasts while doing housework. His interests run the gamut from science and technology to the humanities and include – but are not limited to – such diverse topics as quantum physics, world history, linguistics, additive manufacturing, cryptography, mathematical constants, zen philosophy, and surfing.

Rob has never been surfing, so it is his foremost “awesome goal of all time” to go surfing and to be one with the ocean. You can find his writings on his blog Rob’s Surf Report, where he blogs daily haikus, prompt responses, random articles, and – of course – fiction of all kinds. He hasn’t found his niche yet, but he seems to be getting close . . .

Blog: Rob’s Surf Report


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