Mantra's Book of Shadows Cover

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Mantra's Book of Shadows Cover

Review Posted by Gray 03MAR13

Format: PDF

Price: Low

Recommend to others: Yes

5 Stars

Mantra’s Book of Shadows is a masterpiece woven by an author that touches upon every strand of life, it has the realness within every word offered and is exceptionally portrayed with generous themes presenting a marvellous experience for the reader, who in my humble opinion will be enthralled by the sheer greatness of this book.

From the moment I started reading it I knew that I would not be able to put it down, as every piece enticed me into reading more until I had finished the whole book in one sitting, this is the quality of which I speak of and is a book that I enthusiastically recommend everyone to read.

Sometimes there are books offered for review that just cannot be left unread and Mantra’s Book of Shadows is a perfect example of this finding and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed when you read it.





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