Month of Mental Moments

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Month of Mental Moments

Review Posted by Gail 02JAN13

Format: Kindle/mobi

Price: Reasonable

Recommend to others: Yes

5 Stars

Liz Campbell’s self-help book toward how to be more tolerant, caring, and a benefit to society through changing oneself has been life-changing for me. I was guided along and at each Mental Moment, gently prodded into questioning my previously held beliefs and values. Ultimately, I have changed and cherish this book. I felt I needed the change that Liz Campbell was offering me in order to live a more fulfilled and richer life. Through her book, we learn how we judge others, how we assume our beliefs through the family we grew up in, and society we have been exposed to. Her perception and self-evaluation is offered here in a natural and conversational way, never looking down at the reader. We learn that change is not only possible, but a necessary benefit to the lives we wish to lead.




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