Janet Russell

Janet Russell

Janet RussellJanet Russell is a self taught digital and fractal artist. She became interested in visual arts, studying such diverse areas as calligraphy and glass painting. The graphic arts, working with computers, became her passion and she has never looked back.

Creating digital art for several decades, Janet began her own greeting card line, Buddhakat Designs, which is still active today. As her passion for the exploration and creation of fractal based art developed, Janet began to show her work on several web based galleries, including DeviantArt and RedBubble. In these galleries she has earned popular recognition, been featured and even won the coveted “Daily Deviation” award on DeviantArt.

Her goal, in creating and sharing her work is to inspire others to think, to feel, maybe even to be moved to create something themselves. For Janet, there is no greater joy than the bliss of being one with one’s muse, with the creative spirit and energy.

Janet Russell works out of her home studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she lives her dream.

See more of Janet’s art at the sites below and purchase some of her signature art for yourself.

Blog: BuddhaKat

Store: Fine Art America


Fractal Dreams





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