Gail Thornton

Gail Thornton

Gail ThorntonGail Thornton lives and writes in a small town in Massachusetts. She was born into an artistic family, and creativity was fostered above all other pursuits. Her mother, a painter, exposed Gail to all forms of art when she was young, and often created with her.

A published poet, Gail has read poetry by invitation at the Boston Center for the Arts. Among other readings, she performed at the Newton Free Library in conjunction with a standing art exhibit using found objects from the abandoned Danvers State Psychiatric Hospital. She has attended poetry workshops at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, and the William Joiner Center for War and Its Social Consequences, mentored by poet George Evans.

Gail is often drawn to emotional fragility in her work, and the relationship between the profound essence of nature and love.

She and her work are supported and inspired by her loving family including three grown sons, and her life partner, Frank.

Gail A. Thornton 1955-2018

Gifts in her memory can be made to Post-Polio Health International.


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