Emily Cross

Emily CrossEmily Cross lives in suburbs of San Francisco and spends her days chasing kids and living the “suburban dream”.   Outside of her life as a single mother of three, Emily teaches at a local community college and is putting the finishing touches on her dissertation while also pretending to understand the nuances of creative (and oftentimes, not-so-creative) writing.

With an academic foundation in communication and higher education, Emily’s experience in writing is grounded in academia, where she has spent many nights exploring written expression from an academic standpoint, exploring issues such as diversity, emotional intelligence, self-talk and the power of words.   She has also become known as a “strident feminist” within the walls of her academic world, a title she unintentionally earned and is not quite willing to let slide.

It was not until she found her personal life unraveling when she began to write from a personal perspective in her blog to seek some sort of understanding, solace and logic in a world she no longer understood.  Still a novice writer, Emily is enjoying her dance with the written word and will continue to play with different genres of writing until something sticks.

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