Didi Hagar

Didi Hagar

Didi HagarDidi Hagar (age 36) is a lover of life, words and the unexpected.

Living in Houston, Texas with the love of her life, best friend and fiance, (Ryan Virgillo a.k.a. Liquid Poet) and their 100 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback “puppy” Bluedog, she teaches martial arts, helps organize the biggest music festival in Texas and writes, with passion, to the best of her abilities.

While books and words have always been close companions, only in April of 2013 did she start writing seriously.
Writing under the moniker SeaBlackWithInk on various on-line sites, she finds community, unexpected friendships and inspiration in the words of others.

In 1995, she was in a three month coma. Upon waking, she found an interest in Buddhism and Physics. Much of her writing is drawn from these interests, the coma experience and having lived with HIV for over twenty-two years.

Finding The M3 Blog and Flash In The Pan has been a blessing to her writing world. Flash fiction has allowed for exploration and expansion of elements outside of her comfort zone.

She is eternally grateful for everyone whose led her down the path to the life she has today, those who have shared their words, offered advice and encouraged.

Everyone has a story worth a listen.

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