Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham

Christy BirminghamChristy Birmingham is a freelance writer who resides in British Columbia, Canada. She writes poetry to help heal from her past and reach out to women who are struggling. This sense of purpose began after the end of a toxic relationship, when she met the heavy hand of depression and attempted to take her own life.

Birmingham seeks to help women understand they are not alone when they are depressed, anxious or abused. She has struggled with all three situations and is proud to live independently and healthy today. She is also a cancer survivor. Her poetry carries a unique perspective given the trauma she experienced before age 35.

In 2012, Birmingham’s poem Purple Mouths and Worms published in the prestigious Tipton Poetry Journal. She has written countless poems since her first one published in a local newsletter while she was in elementary school. She recalls the poem explained the benefits of recycling and that she proudly smiled when she saw the piece in print, with her name attached.

Christy Birmingham owns and writes for the blog Poetic Parfait, a platform for poetry, music, and inspiration. She also writes content articles and blog posts for numerous online publishers. Her articles primarily cover social media, business, and health topics.

In her leisure time, Birmingham enjoys walks on local trails. The activity centers her by reconnecting her with nature and allows her time to reflect on the day. She also likes to listen to upbeat music and visit with her parents and friends.

Birmingham inhales personal growth and exhales a passion for every new day. She is proud of the woman she has grown to become today.


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