Bo Lumpkin

Bo Lumpkin

Bo LumpkinHi, I’m Bo Lumpkin, and I do a lot of thinkin’.

I also write and draw comics.

I am MMIC (Main Man In Charge) of Gatorhead Comics and Gatorhead Productions. I am mainly just an old redneck havin’ fun and tryin’ to brighten up everyone else’s day a little. I love life, love people and mostly look for the positive things in life. I try to squeeze all the good I can out of every day.

Other than a heart attack every once in awhile, I am in pretty good health for a man of 80. Of course, I’m only 62, but I am still pretty productive for a man of my age.

I live in Gatorhead Manor (It’s underpinned and has the wheels off and everything.) with my wife Gloria. We have been married for 43 years and haven’t considered divorce, but I am sure she has thought about killin’ me plenty of times. We share Gatorhead Manor with our new weiner dog Molly who pretty much runs things.

I also make jewelry from copper wire, beads, marbles and anything else I think looks nice with copper.

Bo Lumpkin draws comics and blogs from the United States.

Gatorhead Comics

I’ve Been Thinkin’

Redmund Productions extends it condolences to Bo’s family. He will ever be in our hearts.

Bo Lumkin (1950-2013)

Bo Lumpkin’s Titles:

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