RedmundPro Authors

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Meet the authors behind the books of Redmund Productions. Browse around through their personal entries and see the books they have on offer. Reviews of each of the authors’ books are available from their author pages as well as the books themselves.

Gordon Andrews

Scarlett Baker

Christy Birmingham

Liz Campbell

Laurie Childree

Red Dwyer

Bo Lumpkin

Janet Russell

Ian M. Shaw

Gail Thornton

Flash Authors

Meet the contributing authors of the Flash in the Pan series of flash fiction. They join some of the RedmundPro book authors in flash fiction anthologies. Flash in the Pan is a quarterly production of RedmundPro. Flash in the Pan is available in single editions or as a set in the RedmundPro book store. See which of your favorite authors have made the covers of Flash in the Pan on their author pages and in the book store.

Deb Adams

Alicia Campbell

Emily Cross

Dave Brown

Vera Graham

Didi Hagar

Grant Helms, Jr.

Grant Helms, Sr.

Samuel Helms

Sue Helms

Teresa Karlinski

MJ Logan

Valentine Logar

Lorre Lyons

John McDevitt

Mark McIntosh

Tom Merriman

John Moore

Virginia Moore

John Nooney

Joe Owens

Wendy Reid

Rob Ross

Andreé Robinson-Neal

Novia Rozet

Lilith Saintsilver

Susan Shuman

Regina Snow

Geoff Steward

Troy Stover

Ryan Virgillo


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